Niall Horan has been hard at work giving One Direction fans the music they need while the band continues to be on hiatus. With the release of his solo songs "This Town" and his recent "Slow Hands" fans are waiting anxiously to hear his debut album as a solo artist, but it turns out he does not even know when it is coming out.

“I’m going to be busy all summer now with ‘Slow Hands’ going all over the place. Then after that, probably in the fall sometime I’d imagine. I haven’t got a date for that yet, but when I do I guess I’ll be letting people know,” Niall said on the Elvis Duran Show. Say what?! All this uncertainty is going to drive fans crazy.

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“There used to be a whole time of secrets. Remember the days of where you’d be like giving people a 6-month advance on your album…but there’s none of that anymore. Whenever I feel like I’m finished and whenever promo is finished for ‘Slow Hands,’ I’ll be giving you an album.”

“I’ll be telling you first! I’ll be finished soon, it’s not too far away I don’t think.”

That's good news! Niall is also making an appearance on the cover of tmrw magazine and he gave a bit more detail about what will be on the album.

“When you listen to it, you’ll probably just think I was an emotional wreck. There’s some really personal stuff on it. It sounds really stalker-ish, but the way I write is that I could be sitting on a train, and see a couple talking to each other and I’d think of a concept around the way that they look at each other or whatever.”

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Just because Niall is writing a lot of his own song lyrics, it does not mean we are getting an inside look at his personal life.

“I don’t write all of the time from personal experience, sometimes I have concepts,” he told the magazine.

Well, it looks like even though there is no set date for the album's release, fans have a lot to look forward to.

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