Niall Horan has done more in the past six years of his life than many people do in a lifetime. And while he’s still just 23 years old, he considers himself old.

The “Slow Hands” singer has been busy recording his solo debut album, doing press for his two solo singles and performing in front of thousands by himself at the One Love Manchester benefit concert. There’s no doubt that he’s making a name for himself without three or four others attached to it. Niall is sure to never forget that his roots are with One Direction but lately, the world has got to witness a much sassier, flirtier and dare we say, sexier version of the blonde-haired Irish heartthrob we’ve known for so long.

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Just recently, Niall sat down with Lorraine Kelly, a U.K. television personality, and talked all things 1D, going solo and why it was time to settle down after the wild days with the band.

Niall opened up and admitted, “I always say when we [One Direction] came into town, everyone knew we were here, we were a traveling circus. And it was great, we were only kids – 17, 18, 19 – I feel like I am [old]. I’ve been around the world. It’s been nuts, but it’s been good just to be able to trim it back a little bit and chill it out. It’s about time I matured in some way.”

‘A traveling circus’ is probably not the term we’d use to classify four or five hot AF guys coming into our city and playing sold out shows but we’ll let that slide…

And of course, as the whole world always asks, do they still talk? YES. Niall filled everyone in on how the boys are doing in his perspective. He said, “Everyone’s great. Everyone’s bringing out all sorts of different types of music and we’re all doing it at the same time which is great. Everyone’s getting a good look in. It’s just been really fun actually. I’ve really enjoyed watching everyone. It’s going to be weird actually, next month I’m doing a show in America, a radio show, and Liam’s [Payne] doing it too, so different bills…”

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Niall also showed off a flirty side during the interview. Lorraine asked him about his single “Slow Hands” to which Nialler said, “It was kind of like a last-minute addition to the album. Very sexual, Lorraine… I didn’t want to say that in front of you, but I’ve said it now.” LOL!

After all of the buzz, this song has gotten about the vibe and the content of the lyrics, it’s safe to assume that Niall gets a lot of attention from the ladies. I mean, it’s not hard to notice his good looks and Lorraine picked up on it! When it comes to the gals flocking to Niall he sarcastically said, “It’s not as bad as you think. I’m quite reserved. Are you asking for my number? Because I wish you were [Lorraine].”

So there you have it. A once in a lifetime, hopefully once in a lifetime, thing every Directioner will have to witness – Niall asking for a 57-year-old woman’s number and still not noticing us over here.

Hi, Niall, we’re asking for your number!

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