Today is a very special day for us all: it’s the oh so beloved Niall Horan‘s 25th birthday. That’s right, Nialler is the big 2-5. And of course, we here at J-14 just had to celebrate this joyous occasion. The “Slow Hands” singer has won over hearts well, all over the world when you think about it. As a member of One Direction, one of the biggest boy bands in music history, that will do the trick. But now that we’ve gotten an album full of swoon-worthy love songs from Niall’s solo album Flicker and he’s happily dating Hailee Steinfeld – we’re seeing boyfriend Niall in action. And this might just be the cutest version of him yet.

We must say though, we knew all along Niall the boyfriend would be a delight. He’s given us plenty of proof over the years he’s been in the spotlight that he was destined to be a dream bae. And in honor of his special day, we just had to take a look at all the (very valid) reasons why Niall will forever and always be ultimate boyfriend goals. 

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