It’s safe to say Niall Horan is probably the most open member of One Direction. He really shares how he’s honestly feeling whenever he sits down for an interview and we totally appreciate it. The Irish heartthrob has got some serious swagger as well as a very focused work ethic. He chatted on the radio show Cool Live and touched on all things including solo fame, Ariana Grande, One Love Manchester, traveling the world and of course, missing his former bandmates. We could say we’re shocked but it’s obvious he just wants to ~relate~ to the fans and he’s doing a damn good job of it.

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Niall Horan has traveled the entire globe in just 17 days.

Wait what? This one is actually true. He may not have been with One Direction when it happened, but he’s done it and we don’t know how he managed to keep his eyes open after all of that jet leg. The “Slow Hands” singer said of all his recent travel, “It’s not too bad. After Australia, that jet-lag coming back around that way is pretty tough, but we did it — myself and my tour manager and the band. We did a full lap of the planet in 17 days. We kind of just been bouncing around. The sun is going down on one day, and then it’s different in Australia.”

Niall Horan’s album should be officially dropping in October.

He said, “The album will be coming out in October, somewhere around there. I thought I’d be done by Christmas, and I’d put it out over the summer. But I wrote “Slow Hands” in February and just kept writing.” Thank GOD he kept writing, we don’t know what we would have done without “Slow Hands” to be honest.

Niall Horan thinks fame is very different than he thought it would be.

He says he can appreciate it now though. Has it all been what he’d hoped for? Niall explained, “Yeah! It’s very different than I thought it was going to be…We thought we worked hard on The X Factor. But we definitely didn’t do a lap of the planet in 17 days. Yeah, it’s just good fun though. it took me a few years to really appreciate what was going on around me. Not appreciate… just kind of, realize, really, what was actually happening around me.”

Niall Horan never realized how big One Direction actually was when he was fully ‘in’ it.

He said, “When you’re in… it was basically just us kids flying around and doing the shows – so you don’t know what it looks like from the outside watching a One Direction show. Well, you do obviously, in videos and stuff like that, but it’s not the same. I always used to think, ‘What does it look like from outside?’ See, when we were in it, it didn’t feel that bad.”

Niall Horan admits he misses the One Direction boys.

We do too, Nialler! He said of missing the squad, ” Yes, of course. The everyday thing is a little bit different. But I’ve got a band now so I go everywhere with them. There’s six of us on stage and four of them are from Northern Ireland.” Looks like he’s found several people who really understand him and where he’s from which totally awesome!

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Niall Horan said he saw a huge mix of emotions in the audience while performing at the One Love Manchester concert.

While he touched on the fact that Ariana Grande called him and said he was going to do something and to leave the date open, what really got us teary-eyed over here is what Niall saw in the audience.

He said, “The whole day, it sounds cliche, but it was a roller coaster of emotions. I did sound check and I went in straight to see her and she was telling me stories about how she met the families of some of the victims and stuff like that, and she was clearly emotional about that. Then she was very excited about what the day was going to bring itself. So it was kind of like up and down. And then when I went out on stage, obviously “Slow Hands” being a little bit more fun, the crowd went for it. Then I played “This Town,” just me and the guitar. And the lyrics are quite poignant, if you want to think about it in that sense, the lyrics are quite poignant in that situation. So I was standing there and I’d catch someone’s eye in the crowd and one person would be listening to the lyrics and bawling their eyes out. And then the next one I’d look at, they’d be smiling. It was kind of like a mad mix of emotions in the crowd.”

Niall Horan praised the people of Manchester for showing up at the One Love Manchester concert.

The “This Town” singer explained, “It was just amazing to see, like a week or 10 days after something like that happened, that Manchester and the people just showing that they aren’t afraid to go to concerts. Because I think that was what everyone was scared about, going to watch a concert and being in a public space like that with that many people. 50,000 Mancunians turn up and show that they’re not afraid to go and do that. It was incredible, really.”

Niall was forced to pick between Gigi Hadid and Cheryl Cole.

Okay, so Nialler was playing a game of this or that which is why the option to pick between Gigi and Cheryl even came up. Of course, Cheryl is dating Liam Payne and Gigi is dating Zayn Malik. We’re just not quite sure why Gigi was thrown into the mix. Wouldn’t it make more sense to put Eleanor Calder in there who is currently dating Louis Tomlinson, instead? Regardless, Niall picked Cheryl. LOL!

Why is Niall the most perfect human ever? If you have the answer, you know where to find us. Until then, we’ll just be day dreaming about his slow hands.

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