It’s universally agreed upon that Niall Horan is a true gem of a human being. He wouldn’t hurt a fly, has the singing voice of an angel, the jolliest laugh and generally just seems like the nicest person ever despite the fact that you now, he’s super famous. Niall’s a chill dude and his carefree, laid-back attitude and fondness for snazzy hats is what so many people admire most about him.

While the “This Town” singer recently stopped for a visit in his fave place ever Australia, he appeared on Ash London LIVE! and was asked the simple question of what are five songs he would like to have on a playlist while he’s on an airplane en route to the country down under and he gave his honest answer, which included his One Direction bandmate Liam Payne‘s tune “Strip That Down” and his bud Selena Gomez’s new single “Bad Liar.”

He of course included his latest single ‘Slow Hands” too and if this is confirmation Niall listens to his own music, then that just makes him even more adorable. One thing fans noticed though was that Harry Styles‘ epic jam “Sign of the Times” was noticeably absent from the list and that just seems borderline blasphemous, since Harry has been vocal about the fact that he’s a massive fan of Niall’s songs.

Well before we all read too much into this it’s important to note that no one and we mean no one is more loyal and supportive than Niall. He has publicly — and we’re sure privately — congratulated his 1D brothers on their solo music and hey, he only had to choose five songs for this list. A bit of pressure there! Niall has always a thing for Selena, so makes sense he would include his girl’s hit and perhaps Liam’s song was fresh on his mind since the guys did recently hang out together. We’re just going to say that this is all more evidence that Niall is nothing but the sweetest. We rest our case.

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