Niall Horan was having an innocent night cooking at home, when all hell broke loose after he decided to Snapchat himself cooking a whole chicken. Just like the rest of us, the singer took to the social media application to share videos and photos of himself cooking but fans pointed out that it looked like he forgot a crucial step in the process—to season the chicken!

Niall proudly posted a photo of the chicken on a tray and wrote, "oven time." Now everyone who has been in a kitchen before knows that one of the most important parts of cooking is knowing how to season well, and this bird looks a bit naked.

niall's chicken 2

"Here she goes!," the One Direction singer captioned the photo that now seemed to include a couple of carrots.

niall's chicken

After people began screenshotting his photos and sharing them to Twitter, Niall responded saying everyone need to calm down because he knows what he is doing.

niall defends chicken

He later shared a photo of his finished product seeming a bit annoyed but letting people know his meal was prepared perfectly.

niall defends chicken 2

We admire that Niall cooks for himself because he can surely afford a chef or to go out to eat whenever he pleases. Plus, since it was a post work out meal perhaps he was holding back on the salt to make his food a bit healthier?

Either way, fans held nothing back and shared a ton of jokes on Twitter about the singer's cooking saga.

Click through the gallery to see some hilarious reactions to Niall and his poor little chicken.

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