Ever since Niall Horan dropped his sultry track, "Slow Hands", fan girls everywhere have been fantasizing over what it's REALLY like to get some alone time with the Irish heartthrob. Unfortunately, he's totally out of it regarding the dating scene and it's kind of making us sad, to be honest.

Nialler has been linked to several of Hollywood's leading ladies over the course of the past several years while in One Direction. Everyone from Selena Gomez to Ellie Goulding and most recently, Courtney Barry. But, he refuses to admit that he's actually dating anyone.

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The 1D cutie turned solo artist crooner chatted with Notion magazine where he was actually featured on the cover. Yes, those baby blue eyes and all made their debut and we can't stop drooling. Besides the incredible photo, Niall gave his fans some information about what is going on in his personal life and it's really not what you'd expect.

He said, "I've been so busy between studios.The album was long days, as we were recording everything live full band. We're talking 11-12 hour days, every day which is like work, studio, home, bed, eat, you know – I have no time for Tinder!"

So, yes, he's single and definitely not ready to mingle. Thinking about it, he might be right. Writing, recording and doing press for an album definitely takes up a lot of time. Especially, since Niall is doing it all on his own now. He can't miss appearances or miss interviews because all eyes are on him.

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But, we can't help but wonder if he actually turns down these girls that flock to him. Sorry, Nialler, but you can't tell us your willpower to stay away from the ladies is that strong just because you're tired. We have a feeling that somewhere behind-the-scenes he has a few lucky ladies on speed dial for date night every now and then.

There is one thing he's probably telling the truth about and that is Tinder. Can you even imagine what would happen if he made a Tinder account? His whole app would probably break with the number of girls flooding his messages each and every day.

For now, there's no other option we have than to believe his overworked and overtired excuse for not finding the time to date. But, fans, keep a close eye on Niall. We wouldn't be surprised if he finds a girl to even just casually hang out with once the buzz of his solo debut album calms down. Because, really, everyone wants to find love, right?!

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