Out of all the One Direction boys, Niall Horan has kept the quietest about the way he uses his charm to win over the ladies. Obviously, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and even Zayn Malik have had very public relationships and break ups. Harry Styles has famously dabbled in the lives Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift and a few other notable models but not Niall. He's always been a real mystery. There were rumors swirling that he had a thing with Selena Gomez but then he was spotted at Disneyland with one of Selena's besties. There was that time he was spotted getting cozy with Celine Helene Vandycke and he also kind of, sort of dated Melissa Whitelaw but that relationship was pretty much kept under wraps.

After seven years in the public eye, fans of the Irish heartthrob need some answers. Like come on, Niall, enough is enough. To be honest, we can totally see him doing elaborate things for someone he really likes. The "Slow Hands" singer kind of alluded to that in a new interview. For the record, he's single. But, that doesn't mean he can't talk about romance.

For the past few days, Niall has been spotted in Australia and was asked if he had a girlfriend. He said, "Yeah, still single." But the hosts, Fitzy and Wippa, of Nova FM's show kept prying. They said, "Have you taken someone on a private jet?" Niall answered, "I have, yeah." SHUT UP. Who, though??

They continued, "Where did you go? Did you do like a Vegas?" Niall's jaw nearly drops before he says, "Don't bring anyone to Vegas." He seriously cannot get any cuter during this interview. It's obvious he's thinking about somebody here but his lips are completely sealed. His nervous laugh, smile and slight blush are a total giveaway that Niall has been completely enamored by a girl before.

Niall continued to say that he actually lives quite the normal life. The hosts even questioned if Niall and his mystery girl just had dinner while buzzing around in the sky on the said jet. Unfortunately, there was no real answer to that. Niall was sarcastic leading us to believe that the jet was not the most romantic part but actually where they went after the jet landed. While he still left us in the dark, there's reason to believe that he whisked Melissa off on the private plane. They had been spotted years ago leaving parties together, events and she was even with the band before one of their concerts in Aussie.

niall 1

niall 2

Could Melissa have been the girl that Niall turned the romantic charm on for? Just maybe. We have a feeling he's not going to really spill the beans on who the girl really was. But, from what we can tell from his words and going off of his body language and facial expression, he doesn't lack in the romance department. When the time is right, he knows what to do. FYI, I'm single, Niall.

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