The mystery girl Niall Horan has taken out on numerous dates is a mystery no more! Yes, we are talking about the gal who has been hanging out with the singer at Disneyland and at Ariana Grande’s concert last weekend.

Who is this special someone who has managed to keep her identity under wraps? Well, her name is Courtney Barry. Turns out, she’s a good friend of none other than Selena Gomez!

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Yes, we’re talking about the Selena, the girl the “This Town” singer has been rumored to have dated (or at least wanted to) in the past. Funnily enough, it looks like Courtney has had this connection to the One Direction singer all this time.

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The link, of course, is Sel. The two are such good friends that the “It Ain’t Me” singer has made several appearances on Courtney’s Instagram account in the last couple of years. It also appears that she was one of the masterminds behind the songstress’s 21st birthday party celebration.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Courtney is only friends with Niall. After all, the 1D guy is chummy with Sel’s whole crew, including Raquelle Stevens. These two go way back. But aren’t they cute together?!

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However, if fans were also hoping that Courtney would somehow allude to her relationship with the singer on social media, well, they are definitely going to be disappointed. There’s not a single trace of either of her outings with Niall on Twitter or Instagram.

It could be for good reason! She seems like a normal girl whose only connection to the spotlight is her famous bestie – and now the guy she might be dating as well.

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