Note to the world: don’t mess with Niall Horan and his girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld because he will set you straight. At least, that’s what seems to have gone down on Twitter between the “Slow Hands” crooner and a fan. 

Basically, here’s the gist: there are Twitter DMs floating around of Niall responding to a fan who was tweeting up a storm about how the 25-year-old singer is fake dating Hailee. She was saying their relationship is a fraud and all just one big PR stunt and Niall was not having it. He wrote back in regards to the “extremely mean tweets” he saw and he was not about someone making up lies about his romance with the 21-year-old “Love Myself” songstress.

“It’s extremely rude to write stuff about people you don’t know online, it’s called bullying. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” Niall wrote.

Niall is NOT messing around and seeing him defend his love is literally all types of amazing. This exchange prompted the Twitter user to delete their tweets, but the damage was already done and it’s clear Niall’s feelings were hurt. Now, we also must take into account that while this is a rather amazing and respectful clapback we would expect from our dear Nialler, he hasn’t confirmed if this convo is real and actually happened. He has fallen victim to some Photoshop messages on Twitter and Instagram before! But we also like to think we know Niall well enough to assume he’s the type of guy who will speak up when he sees something wrong. And when it comes to protecting his relationship – which he and Hailee have kept as low-profile as they could – he’s going to do all he can. We’re here for Niall, the cute AF boyfriend.

A true prince, he is.

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