Okay, enough is enough.

Niall Horan and Laura Whitmore have been friends for years — over three years to be exact — and everyone always thinks they are dating. They may have a flirty friendship, they may look like they would be a great couple, and they may even hang out together on so-called dates. But they are not dating. The pair was partying it up over the weekend at the British Summer Time Festival singing and dancing to Tom Petty belting out his tunes, and they looked super chummy.

But the photos don’t really say much of anything except that they are friends. There’s no hand-holding, there’s no looking into each other’s eyes, just a lot of laughs with a few drinks in their hands. It was all totally casual and they looked super relaxed – kind of like you would look if you were hanging out with an old friend. JUST a friend.

There’s even photographic proof that they have been friends for so long and nothing more has ever come of it. Niall posted a photo of Laura for her birthday back in 2015 and wrote, “Happy birthday @thewhitmore ! What a great party last night , loved it ! Love you ! Have a nice day !”

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Not to mention, Laura is nine years older than Niall. Obviously, age doesn’t really matter as we’ve seen lots of celebrities date other celebrities who are much older or younger than they are. But Laura commented on their age difference back in 2014, when they were rumored to be dating even then.

She told Heat magazine, “I’d rather you actually asked me about somebody else other than Niall, to be honest. I was never seeing Niall. He’s a child. The most embarrassing thing about that is that people thought we were together. I love Niall, he’s lovely but I’m 28. He’s a boy and kinda looks like my little brother, so no.”

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Clearly, she tried setting the record straight years ago, but no one would buy it. The whole dating thing was fueled when they rang in the New Year together, partied together in London and even admitted to having late-night sleepovers. All of that turned heads. And now that they are hanging out together again, it is making people think they have built up some sort of romance.

However, we’re putting that all to rest. Niall just announced that he will be going on tour and he has recently admitted that he has no time for dating. For once, let’s just leave these two alone. You wouldn’t want to date someone like looks like your younger brother, right? Right.

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