Do we have a bad liar on our hands?!

Niall Horan might be slaying the music game right now racking up the fans as a solo artist but it looks like the ladies can't stay away from him either even if he's not about the dating life. Or he says he isn't about the dating life. The "Slow Hands" singer recently sat down with Notion magazine and claimed that he's too busy to be on Tinder.

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The Irish heartthrob spilled, "I've been so busy between studios.The album was long days, as we were recording everything live full band. We're talking 11-12 hour days, every day which is like work, studio, home, bed, eat, you know – I have no time for Tinder!"

While we didn't exactly believe that when it first came out, we have even more reason not to believe it now! Nialler was spotted on a lunch date with a mystery blonde and we can't help but notice their chemistry. The Daily Mail snagged the photos of the pair on their outing.

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It's being reported that Niall and his lady friend were at The Ivy Chelsea Garden restaurant in London. Of course, this could be just one of his good friends that rarely makes an appearance in the spotlight. The fact that no one knows who she is might show that these two like to keep their friendship private. But, clearly, Niall has time for lunch dates. I mean, the guy has to eat right?!

We're not totally convinced these two are just friends though. Niall looked super calm and relaxed after they parted ways. And their embrace was super sweet. It was short enough to make us step back and say they really are just pals but also cute enough to make us think there's something more here.

Obviously, we're torn. Niall, we need answers!

He's been known to keep all of the girls in his life on the down low. He was spotted kissing Celine Helene Vandycke at a music festival then they weren't seen together again. Niall was recently hanging out at Disneyland with one of Selena Gomez's friends. And he was also caught on another lunch date with a mystery blonde last summer. Fans never really know what's going on in his love life and it seems like he's going to keep it that way as long as he can!

We'll be sure to keep an eye out for the next sighting of this most recent blonde in his life.

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