All Directioners love One Direction's hit "What Makes You Beautiful," but we doubt they know exactly how it was made. The next time you listen to Niall Horan's part, you'll only think of one thing from now on — how he was in his undies when he recorded it!

In an interview with HeatWorld, Niall said, "I’ve been doing it for a while. I recorded 'What Makes You Beautiful' in my boxers. ‘What Makes You Beautiful' was the first time I did it because it was really warm in the studio, and I’ve done it ever since."

It turns out Niall thinks his voice is at its best when he has minimal clothing on, saying, "I sing better naked.”

If you want to witness this, you're in luck because in their new movie, This Is Us, Niall strips down and does some recording in his boxers for all his fans to see! If you weren't going to get a ticket before, we're sure that just changed.

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