Niall Horan got caught kissing Melissa Anne, a 21-year-old girl from Sydney, Australia, after One Direction's Melbourne show! The news broke when a fan, @gemmaastyless, tweeted photos showing the singer talking to the girl and leaning in for a smooch. (Of course, the pics are a bit blurry, so it's hard to tell what's really going on.)

niall horan kiss

"He had his arm wrapped around her when we walked outside, playing with her hair. It was actually pretty cute," she said on her account.

"Within a couple of minutes they were kissing, and it went so quiet on the next table over (with his friends) and they started clapping. He also had his harmonica with him and was playing that sporadically."

Another witness said they were "together most of the night" and were "soooo flirty" with each other, tweeting that they were "incredibly cuddly for a majority of the night."

While photos have been circulating showing Melly kissing a guy — leaving Directioners to question whether she was actually kissing Niall — those photos were recently deleted off of her Instagram. It doesn't sound like she's in a relationship anymore!

As one of the 1D members without a longtime girlfriend, we wonder if this will develop into something serious! He's been spotted hanging out with her in Australia before, but they may just be casually dating.

Do you think Niall has a secret girlfriend? Would they make a cute couple? Sound off in the comments!

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