Although another full-length One Direction album will not be on the way soon, fans can obviously cope with that heartbreak with the steady release of solo music from each of the guys.

Of course it can't be a 1D post without the mention of Harry Styles' debut solo album which dropped earlier this year, and for fans who continue to have that record on repeat; well, they just might have something new to play from one of the boys later on this year.

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So who's dropping a full-length album so soon? Niall Horan. The "Slow Hands" singer recently sat down with Singapore’s The Straits Times and dropped a major hint on when exactly he's going to grace everyone with his musical stylings. Much to the surprise of everyone, the Irish heartthrob admitted that something from him will be debuting in either October or November of the year.

Yes, you read that correctly. In three to four months, there could be even more music from Niall to swoon over.

The singer even admitted that he already have a favorite track on the album, and it's a country-inspired bop that he recorded in less than an hour! He said, "Everyone was starting to tear up and no one said a word to each other for 20 minutes because we couldn't believe what we'd just done."

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"Giving myself the time to make the album, and being in the studio and having control over absolutely everything that happens – every sound from every drum, every guitar – has been amazing," he continued to dish.

When it comes to his former bandmates, turns out Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson have already gotten a taste of what's to come from the "This Town" singer. He dished, "I've heard Liam's new song and Louis' stuff, and they've heard some of mine. It's good to have that because we will be honest with each other if we don't like it, especially because we've done that for so many years."

Given that the guys have been in the industry for so long, it's pretty much a given that they would know what kind of beats and rhythms make a certified hit. Also, we can't go without mentioning how awesome it is that Niall, Liam, and Louis can unbiasedly critique one another's music and help improve it before it hits airwaves. Now that's what you call a true friend.

For now, we will happily leave our calendars ready to be marked on either October or November.

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