Normani Kordei officially announced that she signed a solo deal with S10 management and when that news broke we couldn’t help but wonder if that was the beginning of the end for Fifth Harmony. Of course, everyone knows what the girls went through at the end of 2016 as Camila Cabello called it quits on the band. Now, she’s thriving. She’s got a solo debut album coming out and her latest single, “Havana” is a hit. With just four girls left, Normani, Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui, they promised to keep on going. But, with Normani’s new deal set in place, will they be able to keep that promise?

The answer is yes. Normani reassured fans that she is definitely not about to leave the group. She chatted with Entertainment Tonight and said, “It’s funny because so many people were like, ‘5H is over! Oh my gosh! She’s leaving the group.’ And I’m just sitting in my bed laughing because so many things can be misconstrued and misread and just taken out of context. I’m like, no, I’m not leaving my group. I would never. We’re on such a high right now. We’re at our peak. It would be dumb at this point, and it’s not what I want to do with my heart and soul. That wasn’t even a thought. All it is, is that I got my own manager to kind of help guide me with whatever it is that I want to do aside from the group. That’s all it is.”

S10 Entertainment and Media is run by Brandon Silverstein. He said in a statement to Billboard magazine, “Normani is an incredibly special artist and I am excited to work with her.” He also took to his personal Twitter account to express how happy he was that the Fifth Harmony superstar had signed on with his company. He wrote, “Couldn’t be more excited to welcome @normanikordei to @s10ent. Ready to see you shine. Incredible music on the way. Stay tuned … ?.”

Normani has yet to make an announcement about it on Instagram. However, she did add her own statement to Billboard. She said, “I found a great partner in Brandon and S10. We are going to make magic together.” To make things clear, there has been absolutely no talk of the group splitting up ever since Normani decided to sign a solo deal. However, it’s hard not to speculate. Normani is going have her plate full when it comes time to record her own music. There’s no telling how many solo songs she plans on creating but if there’s an album in the future, that’s going to be pretty hard to juggle with Fifth Harmony on the side.

Before Camila left the band for good, she was recording her own music too. She collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly and Shawn Mendes. But, she never signed with a different management team. Ally went off on her own and lent her vocals to a track with Lost Kings and A$AP Ferg over the summer. Lauren also did her own thing with Halsey. However, Normani made headlines not because she was doing her own thing but because she had hired a new, separate manager.

When Normani got wind of everyone talking about this decision of hers on social media, she decided to just tune it out for a bit. She said, “I completely cut off social media because I heard so many people were talking about it. Not even in a negative way! There were so many people excited for me and like, ‘We want your music! We want to hear a piece of you!’ Because we all have our hardcore Harmonizers and then we each have our own fans that gravitate to one girl more. Mine call themselves Normani girls. They’re just very excited for what’s to come.”

Normani goes even further to say that it would be crazy for her to leave because of the incredible bond all four girls have with each other. She said, “We are like sisters. There are so many things we don’t agree on, but at the end of the day, we’re all family-oriented, and we have morals and values that we stand by, and we have enough respect for each other to allow each other to grow, make mistakes, and we pick each other right back up.” Looks like fans can relax because they are about to get a double dose of Normani in the very near future.

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