It seems like only yesterday that Kristen Stewart stepped onto the Hollywood scene and first stole the hearts of Twi-hards as Bella Swan in the Twilight series, and now, she’s matured so much! Over the years, the young actress totally transformed from a teen wearing jeans at red carpet events to a total Hollywood superstar and fashionista. Besides starring in all four fan-favorite vampire films, the Oscar-nominated star has also become known for her roles in Zombieland, Charlie’s Angels and more. She’s also taken her career to new heights and took on a director role for a few films.

When it comes to her fashion choices over the years, Kristen has been lucky enough to wear some pretty epic gowns crafted by some of the best in the fashion business.

“Usually, I’m a really uniform-based person,” she told InStyle in October 2020 about her style. “For certain weeks [in quarantine], I was getting dressed every morning as if I had somewhere to go. It made me feel better. There was a period of time when I only wanted to wear shit that was matching. I have a leopard-print suit thing that is really fun to wear around the house. So, we wore suits and sets. And then these silky, robe-y things. My dad used to wear a robe around the house, and it was very floofy. I am small, so if I wear a puffy robe, it just looks so lame. The reason I didn’t like robes is that I felt silly and dinky, and I don’t like feeling silly and dinky.”

She continued, “Basically, I’ve been stepping outside of wearing jeans and T-shirts. Within the confines of my own home, of course.”

Of course, it hasn’t always been like this for the well-known star. Fans have watched as Kristen grew up right before their eyes and a lot has changed since she was first propelled into the spotlight back in 2002 with her first major film Panic Room. Since then, she’s walked some major red carpets wearing super high-end pieces, and J-14 decided to take a walk down memory lane! We rounded up some throwback photos and look back at Kristen’s epic transformation. It’s seriously shocking how much she’s changed over the years.

Scroll through our gallery to see Kristen’s red carpet transformation over the years, and prepare to be shook over her major glow up!

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