It's no secret that Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are really good friends. There was even a rumor that she wanted to be more than pals with Nick after she said that her song, "Ruin The Friendship," was about someone in her real life. The songstress went into even more detail, saying that she told this person what her feelings had become and showed him the song — only to discover that he had written one about her, too! While she has yet to confirm if she was talking about Nick, there's just no way it could be anyone else. Even the lyrics on the track paint this picture. But it looks like she's trying to squash that story because Demi just appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show and played a little game of 'Who'd You Rather?'

The game is simple. Ellen showed Demi two photos of two celebrities and she had to pick one of them. Then a new photo would appear next to the person that she just previously picked. Rihanna was beating out her competitors for a while, then came in Niall Horan for a minute, but then Kristen Stewart was the favorite. One of the last slides was Kristen up against Nick, and Demi went with Kristen! Now, it's not clear what she would want to do with the person. Of course, we're thinking of the person she would most likely want to date, but Ellen never specifies. She leaves that part up to our imagination.

Demi went with Kristen rather than Nick, and I think this is interesting for a few reasons. Demi isn't afraid to admit that she's open to dating girls. And Kristen is definitely a cool chick, so it's not really that shocking that she has the hots for the Twilight alum. But, something else we noticed during this little game, is that when Nick's face came up on the screen, Demi literally lit up. She also laughed and looked totally giddy. It was so obvious that just the sight of Nick makes her heart skip a beat, and we can't get over how adorable it is. Kristen came out on top, so sorry not sorry Nick, but it looks like you have some serious competition.

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