Demi Lovato is kicking off 2018 with a bang, and a kiss, of course. The starlet was spotted sharing a smooch with her backup dancer as the clock struck midnight and now everyone is wondering if there's anything more going on between these two!

So let's get down to the facts: Demi was on hand in Miami Beach at Fontainebleau where she was performing for the New Year's Eve festivities. She was up on stage counting down to midnight just like everyone else and when it came time for that 12:00 New Year's kiss, she and her dancer Jojo Gomez had a moment. Check out a video a fan in the crowd snapped:

And both Demi and Jojo shared a photo of their kiss on Instagram accounts too, so clearly they're all about everyone knowing they have nothing but love for each other. But before you start thinking there's more to the story here, these two are just friends and they're not dating. Although Demi has been known to keep the topic of her sexuality to herself, she did mention in her documentary Simply Complicated she's on the super exclusive, celeb dating app Raya and has it set to match her with both men and women since she's all about finding a "human connection" and she doesn't think that needs to be restricted to one gender. While she was spotted holding hands with DJ and producer Lauren Abedini during a Disneyland outing, we haven't really seen much of Demi's dating life publicly. Clearly, that's how she wants it to be since she's dealt with high-profile breakups in the past and who she dates is no one's business but her own after all. But Jojo is just her friend and they girls were just there for each other on NYE in a purely platonic way. Besides, Jojo has a boyfriend who she seems to be so head over heels for.

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I can't wait to be back in your arms ❤️✈️

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So as far as we know, Demi is single and doing whatever it is her heart desires. You go, girl.

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