Elvis hasn’t even been released yet and is receiving rave reviews! The Baz Luhrman biopic of Elvis Presley has everyone talking about its star, Austin Butler. But, another hidden gem is the actress who plays Priscilla Presley! So, who is Olivia DeJonge? Scroll down for everything we know about her acting career and more!

Who Is Olivia DeJonge?

Olivia, 24, is an Australian actress who originally started out as a voice actor when she was 8 years old, in the form of a radio voiceover for a prominent hardware chain. She then began her acting career at age 12. In 2014, she made her feature film debut in the film The Sisterhood of Night and has since starred in The VisitBetter Watch Out, The Staircase and is most well known for her role in Netflix’s The Society.

Apart from acting, she is also a brand ambassador for Bulgari.

Olivia DeJonge as Priscilla Presley in ‘Elvis’

Olivia has mentioned how lucky she feels after being cast in, what is likely to be, one of the most popular biopics of all time. She also said it was daunting to play her character, as she worked pretty closely with the real Priscilla Presley.

“Priscilla has this effortless vulnerability and this effortless softness about her,” she told WWD. “Prior to the job, I was quite — not brash, brash isn’t the right word, but maybe a little flighty and a little skittish. I’m somebody who was sort of bouncing around.”

In an interview with GRAZIA, the Australian actress praised Priscilla for her authenticity. “Apart from being Elvis’ wife, she was so praised for, or looked up to, for the way she held herself and her style and her fashion and her makeup which was so authentic. This was in a time of no social media,” Olivia said.

After her portrayal as Elvis’ wife in the movie, Olivia was met with compliments from Priscilla herself! “It’s so strange when someone is playing you,” Priscilla told Good Morning America in June 2022. “I’m so grateful that she was sensitive and caring and that she was a little strong with him [Elvis] as well. I thought she did a really, really nice job — I was pleasantly surprised.”

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