There comes a time in every Disney Channel actor’s life when they decide to leave and focus their career elsewhere. Olivia Holt is one of the many actors who fit into this circle, having starred as Kim Crawford in the show Kickin’ It back in the day.

Of course the show ultimately came to an end, and now Olivia is starring in a new Freeform and Marvel television series titled Cloak and Dagger, all while juggling her skyrocketing music career. It’s a lot to handle, and in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly she opened up about these challenges and her decision to leave the Disney Channel.

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When it came to adjusting to a career away from the channel that helped kick start her career, Olivia admitted, “it definitely has been a challenge for me, but I feel like it’s all in baby steps.”

“Just like how I may not be ready for something and need to ease my way into it, my fans are the same away, so it’s all a process. I’ve decided I’m just going to take one day and a time and not make any rash decisions and be mindful of who I am. I don’t want to just shock people with something crazy to let them know I’m now mature and ready,” she continued to say.

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It’s nice to see that the actress has kept her young fan base in mind when choosing what projects to attach her name to.

Although Olivia didn’t share whether or not she would be open to returning to Disney, it might be something that fans might not get an answer to soon. The actress seems focused on shifting her career towards a more mature direction.

It’ll be great to see what Olivia chooses to do next, both music and acting-wise.

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