The One Direction boys have all been incredibly busy in 2017 — and we’re super proud. But we have to admit, we still seriously miss the old days of 1D, when the boys were always together, coming out with new songs as a group, and rocking their adorable, classic haircuts. Harry Styles had his curls, Niall Horan was a blond, not just mixing a single light highlight into his now brunette hair, Louis Tomlinson had the full swoop going on, Zayn Malik wasn’t constantly shaving off his pompadour, and Liam Payne let his locks grow long. Their original hairstyles were, frankly, iconic. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and imagine a world where One Direction band members were rocking their original haircuts today. *Check out the video below to see what that beautiful, perfect world would look like. *

We’ve also been imagining a world where the 1D boys are ready to all get back together, but unfortunately that’s a dream for another day. In the meantime, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Niall all have plenty on their plates with their solo music projects. Not to mention the fact that Louis and Liam are both busy being fathers now, a fact that still completely blows our minds. Like, what? To us, they’re still those precious, baby-faced boys who auditioned for X Factor with their Bieber-inspired haircuts swept across their foreheads.

At least one dream seems within reach though. Harry’s hair just keeps getting longer again, and though right now he seems to be styling it straight up, we’ve got our fingers crossed for the return of 2010 Harry hair. Louis’ hair is also so close to looking how it used to if he’d just let it grow out on the sides, too. Zayn’s hair is constantly changing — but we see the pompadour coming back in his future. And if that happens, we’ll basically be the happiest fans in the world. Sometimes, you do get to have it all.

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