Directioners, get ready because One Direction's fifth album is coming sooner than you think! In fact, in a new interview with Grazia, Liam Payne revealed that they've already finished their record. All the guys seem to think it's their best effort yet — and they only wrote it in a month!

Payno said:

"This is the big dog. I don't mind saying that we didn't actually get a chance to write as much this time. We've written a lot of songs, don't get me wrong, but not as much, because the writers were away and we were on tour, but they came back with great songs. I don't usually like listening to our albums from the past, because it's much younger and if you had an old pair of clothes you wouldn't wear them. I have been putting this one in the car all the time. We finished it in a month, which sounds so rushed, but if it goes well why fix it?"

Um, how cute is it that Liam blasts their new record in his car? Niall Horan also insists that their style is totally changing and veering into rock music territory.

"It's very different. Not totally different we're not bringing out Jason Derulo stuff. That would scare a few people if we started bringing out music like him. Not saying it's bad, if we brought out R&B pop it's not going to work. It's a lot more rocky. The phrase Fleetwood Mac has been thrown around a couple of times, which is not a bad thing."

And Harry Styles says that they're all super-excited about their new music. It seems like he loves hitting up the studio!

"We're really excited about it. It's crazy for us to think that it's been five years and we've had five albums — we feel very lucky to have been able to do it and have fun doing it. The fact that we're able to do our fifth album is really great, we're really excited about people hearing it, we think it's our best. It's fun when you get in the studio and listen to songs [back to] back and get excited about hearing them. It's weird because you know it so well and no one else knows it. It's a fun process going in with something that doesn't exist and then you come out and there's a new song and suddenly you have an album you didn't have before — it's a cool process to learn."

We feel exactly the same way! It's so exciting to hear new 1D music, especially after the guys have been teasing their fifth album like crazy. We're ready for it!

Are you excited for One Direction's new album? Are you surprised they finished it so quickly? Let us know in the comments!

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