How's this for dramatic news? A One Direction fan reportedly got kicked out of a meet-and-greet with the band after some of her tweets went viral! She purchased tickets to the show and event through Louis Tomlinson's Believe in Magic Cinderella Ball auction. Although her tweets have since been deleted, she reportedly complained about how her seats at the concert weren't good enough.

one direction fan kicked out 2

She called them "the ugliest seats."

one direction fan kicked out 3

And allegedly donated $13,000 to charity for them.

one direction fan kicked out 1

Directioners were so furious that she was complaining about her seat placement that they started sending messages to the singer on Twitter, and he even seemed to imply that he was listening to what Directioners were saying.

According to the fan, Tommo kicked her out of the meet-and-greet event.

However, she was not kicked out of the actual show.

Wow, this is crazy! And the fan reaction has also been insane. It's hard to know what actually went down between them, especially because some Directioners have accused her of lying.

Can you believe that Louis kicked this fan out of a meet and greet? Let us know in the comments!

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