Even though One Direction is basically like a family, they are not above having major fights! In an interview with BBC Breakfast, Liam Payne said that they got into a big argument while writing one of the songs on their new album.

"Honestly, when I was in the studio with some of our boys, it just exploded into this massive four-part row with everybody," he said.

"Me and Louis were just sat there, then we started joining in as well! It was over one word…'it' or 'you'!"


While we may never know which Four track inspired such an intense debate, the "Steal My Girl" singer added that they never let their songwriting arguments interfere with their friendship.

"You just get over it afterwards, it's like anything…you just leave it on the court afterwards and it's fine."

Thank goodness for that! Their friendship is the most adorable thing ever, and we'd hate to see anybody have hurt feelings over a single word choice.

However, we're wondering if fights might be good for One Direction's songwriting process? One of their songwriters, Jamie Scott, said that their next single "Night Changes" was written after a big blowout. It's Harry Styles' favorite song on the album, so they must have done something right!

Are you surprised that the 1D guys fight sometimes? Are you excited for their new album? Tell us in the comments!

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