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In anticipation of their new album, One Direction released one of the songs from their album called "Love You Goodbye." It's perfect, beautiful, and slightly melancholy. Plus, you called it — the song is totally about Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder's relationship. Tommo even admitted that the track is about the loss of a relationship, and hinted that listeners should "read between the lines."

“The one I wrote on that I’m most proud of on the new one is probably ‘Love You Goodbye.' I think it’s kind of like when…how to put this? When you come to the end of a relationship and you always find yourself seeing that person one last time. It’s that moment. If you can read between the lines," he told Entertainment Weekly.

With lyrics like "It’s inevitable that everything that’s good comes to an end/It’s impossible to know that after this we can still be friends," it's absolutely heartbreaking. While we never got the official story about the Elounor split, it seems like she may have broken his heart. Poor thing!

Do you think this song is about Louis and Eleanor? Listen to the track below, and let us know in the comments!

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