While the release of One Direction's new fragrance commercial, Between Us, seemed pretty harmless, it's actually causing major controversy in the fandom! A behind-the-scenes video from their photo shoot has been released, seemingly recorded last fall and sparking rumors that 1D knew that Zayn Malik planned on leaving the group way before the rest of us.


How did Directioners come to this conclusion? It's all thanks to a cute montage from their photo shoot. All of the guys get photographed individually, but then they join together in one adorable cuddle puddle. And guess who's obviously missing? Zayn.

Since he's no longer in the band, it wouldn't be too shocking if this photo shoot happened recently. However, it looks like they took these photos last fall — way before he quit the group in March. Louis Tomlinson doesn't have his knife tattoo on his arm, which he got in December, and Harry Styles is missing his mermaid ink, which he had done last November.

Plus, the band also posted an Instagram video from this shoot in November. While Hazza isn't in it, fans are suspicious that 1D's management only put three of the guys in the video to avoid Directioners' suspicions.

Fans are speculating that 1D had two versions of this photo shoot: one with Zayn and one without him. Some even think that their Between Us fragrance photos were shot on the same day that the then-five-piece took their pics for their The One Collection perfume ad. (The guys have very similar hair in both ads.)

one direction fragrance ads embed

If that's true, then the band has been aware that the Bradford Bad Boy was unhappy in One Direction for a long time.

Do you think that One Direction knew Zayn was leaving before the rest of us? Let us know in the comments!

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