Perrie Edwards is no stranger to betrayal, but this one might just sting a little more than usual. Her new boyfriend Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has admitted he is a fan of her ex-fiancé Zayn Malik! While he did not mention his solo work like his album Mind of Mine or his hit single "Pillowtalk," the soccer player said he has definitely enjoyed One Direction's music in the past. Oh, wow!

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy a bit of One Direction every now and then," the Arsenal player told the DailyStar.

"They've had a few good songs that I can't resist singing along to. They've smashed the scene.
I think every little girl in the world has bought a One Direction album, and that’s credit to them," he said. TRUE.

We totally agree. Any time "What Makes You Beautiful" comes on, you have to sing along no matter where you are! The irony in this is that Zayn himself has said in the past that he was not a fan of the band's music, but at least someone out there appreciated it.

Some of Zayn's solo songs are said to be inspired by his relationship with the Little Mix girl, so is Alex scared that this relationship will inspire Perrie to write songs about him?

"I better watch out! I don't want her to become an ex and sing about me. Probably something about Arsenal being rubbish. I better look after her," he told The Sun. Hold on tight, Alex!

He also might have unintentionally shaded his girlfriend's band as well as 1D by saying he respects people who make it in the industry without the help of a TV competition show.

“There is always something in me that likes to see guys that have done it all themselves, that might not have the backing of an X Factor or a big record label. Those guys that keep plugging away, keep writing their music – I’ve always had a lot of time for that and a lot of respect.”

Yikes! We wonder what Perrie will think about this. Will he be in the dog house when she finds out about this? Only time will tell.


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