YouTube star PewDiePie is facing another scandal because of his latest video. On Friday, November 15, the internet star uploaded one of his famous Dr. Phil show reaction videos, titled “Zoomer thinks his Mom is too IRRELEVANT to speak to,” and found himself in the midst of backlash from fans after he used male pronouns when talking about transgender woman, Bameron Nicole Smith.

“Ok but PewDiePie’s Dr. Phil video was absolutely disgusting with the blatant transphobia. I’m very disappointed in the fact that he’s not even going to acknowledge what he did and apologize for it. Please just own up to it, I don’t want to stop supporting you,” one fan wrote in a since-deleted tweet, with another adding, “[PewDiePie] misgenders a trans woman in an entire video and then sits back while his 12 year old white transphobic little s**t heads defend him, how convenient of rich cis-[het] white men.”

PewDiePie Responds To Allegations That He's Transphobic

Bameron even took to her own YouTube channel on Tuesday, November 19, and responded to PewDiePie’s misgendering in a video, titled “PEWDIEPIE MISGENDERED ME!?! (WE BEEN KNEW THO…).”

“I know you’re not out here with 100 million, however many plus subscribers you have, with your eight thousand scandals, misgendering trans people,” she said. “How are you out here doing that? You obviously saw that I present feminine. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it.”

The 30-year-old has since responded and denied the transphobia accusations in a video, titled “Morgz is CANCELLED,” uploaded to his channel on Wednesday, November 20.

“Honestly, I didn’t even think about it, because she had a masculine name,” he claimed. “I looked it up. Bameron is a boy’s name. …she wasn’t mentioned as a ‘she’ anywhere by anyone in the video, so it’s not that weird. I actually support LGBT. I could have been more careful, but I would never purposefully misgender someone as a way to antagonize or troll. I wouldn’t do that. Same with sexuality. That’s not okay, you shouldn’t do it either. I wouldn’t do it.”

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