YouTuber PewDiePie — whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg — had a lot to say about Jake Paul’s most recent business venture, the Financial Freedom Movement (FFM). In his most recent YouTube video, the 29-year-old Swedish internet star slammed Jake’s influencer movement calling it “another scam.”

For those who missed it, Jake recently teamed up with the Los Angeles-based brand development group GenZ Holdings Inc. and created FFM, an online platform to teach fans how they can “achieve financial freedom” by using social media and the internet. For $19.99 a month, FFM members would be mentored by “millionaires, expert trainers and thought leaders” on how to make money from their online platforms. Subscribers will also get weekly video chats with Jake and his team.

According to the new website, the program “inspires people to take action, to achieve THEIR DREAMS (not the dreams our parents have for us or society).”

On Sunday, February 23, in a video titled “What is Jake Paul up to?” PewDiePie broke down the internet star’s latest project. First, he signed up for the site and then reviewed the entire FFM. PewDiePie went through all the website’s features, watched a few of the how-to videos and made fun of the lack of engagement. He noted how some users commented on the “teaching” videos asking to cancel their subscription to the program.

PewDiePie also reminded his viewers about Jake’s already defunct program from 2018 called Edfluence. At the time, this was a series of videos meant to help fans become “social media famous.” The Swedish YouTuber predicted that FFM would end quickly, just like Edfluence did.

“Jake Paul is the reason why no one likes YouTubers,” he claimed. “It’s so disingenuous to put forth that this is what you are passionate about. When in reality, the only thing Jake Paul has shown himself to be passionate about is making money. Jake Paul is the kind of celebrity that doesn’t have any real value.”

PewDiePie continued, “You can replace Jake Paul with anything. Or anyone. He’s literally empty, and no one…This just another influencer scam. It’s complete bulls**t, there’s no point in saying it.”

Jake has yet to respond to PewDiePie’s video.

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