YouTuber Jake Paul recently launched his newest business venture, called the Financial Freedom Movement (FFM). The 23-year-old teamed up with the Los Angeles-based brand development group GenZ Holdings Inc. and created the online platform to teach fans how they can “achieve financial freedom” by using social media and the internet.

According to the new website, the program “inspires people to take action, to achieve THEIR DREAMS (not the dreams our parents have for us or society).”

For $19.99 a month, FFM members would be mentored by “millionaires, expert trainers and thought leaders” on how to make money from their online platforms. Subscribers will also get weekly video chats with Jake and his team.

Prior to the website’s launch, Jake took to Twitter and wrote, “Our education system is worthless. I’m fed up. If I die, I want to die having made a REAL difference on the world.”

In an interview with Variety, the internet star explained his frustration with school systems and how that led to the creation of his program.

“I was like, ‘Why are we sitting in class right now, learning the quadratic formula when we should be learning about taxes and insurance?'” he said before explaining that he’s not anti-education. “I’m not ‘anti’ anything. I think it’s great if somebody wants to be a doctor. I think it’s great if somebody wants to become a veterinarian, and you have to go to a trade school.”

Jake also said that the FFM program is a way for him to “empower” the next generation of content creators through tips on how to handle things like marketing, going viral, having roommates and business meetings.

On the site, Jake included a letter addressed to the parents of possible FFM participants. The lengthy note attempted to convince people who may be skeptical about “this gift and opportunity” and why it could be more useful than going to college.

“Give your child the actual education they need to achieve financial freedom from people who are making money online, from anywhere in the world, by learning valuable skill sets the current global economy needs,” the letter read.

Previously, in 2018, Jake launched a similar program called Edfluence. At the time, this was a series of videos meant to help fans become “social media famous.”

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