YouTube announced a change to its verification system, resulting in a bunch of stars losing their coveted gray checkmarks. The social media platform’s previous system allowed anyone with more than 100,000 subscribers to be verified. But now, YouTube is only going verify channels that have a “clear need for proof of authenticity.” And people definitely aren’t happy about it.

Various YouTube stars and influencers quickly took to social media to share their frustration.

“I’m really sorry to the creators who are being unverified on @YouTube today. This decision is really pointless and it’s yet another change not a single person asked for,” James Charles wrote. “PLEASE know that you are still valid as a creator and I hope that a stupid checkmark doesn’t discourage you!”

“Everyone getting unverified on YT today… It’s a slap in the face but try not let it get to you and demotivate you. Keep creating and making cool s–t,” Seán William McLoughlin, better known as Jacksepticeye, added.

YouTube Verification Change

@YouTube unverified my channel today,” Emilia Fart shared on Twitter. “I know it’s just a meaningless check mark, but that’s not what it felt like. It felt like the work, heart, and soul I put into my videos was being validated by the platform I love.”

Fans were especially shook over a certain YouTuber losing his verification — PewDiePie. The gamer, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, is is one of the most followed accounts on the site. He has over one million subscribers, so when his verified tick seemed to disappear from his account on the mobile app, fans were pretty confused. But it turns out, it was only a glitch.

“No one lost a verification badge today — If you received an email that your channel will no longer be verified, this was just an advanced notice and you can appeal,” YouTube explained on Twitter. “The checkmark has never appeared on YouTube mobile channel pages (this will be added soon).”

“We’re making this change to help everyone determine whether a channel is the official YouTube presence of the creator they’re looking for. Please know that badge or no badge, you’re an important part of YouTube,” the account added.

How do you guys feel about the major change?

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