BUNK'D's Peyton List and Miranda May are the best of friends now, but their friendship could have gone a whole different way at first! While talking with the Jessie actress at the launch of Clinique’s New Pep-Start Eye Cream, she revealed that they both didn't think they would like each other when they initially auditioned together.

"It's funny because when we first auditioned, we both looked at each other and were like 'Uh uh, we're not going to like each other.' And we both admit it! She thought I was stuck up or something. She thought that I thought she was a little too much," Peyton EXCLUSIVELY told us.

"I thought she had a lot of energy because I asked her, 'Do you drink a lot of coffee?' when she came to the audition. But then once we got [to] like the first week of set, we were already hitting it off. So we realized that we were made to be best friends — and we also have the same birthday! It's pretty awesome."

Even if they didn't have high expectations for their friendship going into it, it's obvious that they're BFFs now. They totally clicked when they actually got to know each other!

Are you surprised that Peyton and Miranda didn't think they'd like each other at first? Let us know in the comments!

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