Phoebe Buffay from Friends (your favorite Netflix show, let's be real) may be in her own little world most of the time, but she speaks a lot of truth. Whether she's making a comment about her friends or just the universe in general, there's a lot we can all relate to.

Scroll down to see 8 times Lisa Kudrow's character on one of our favorite tv shows was literally all of us.

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When she was so angry that the best thing she could do was leave the room.

phoebe friends quotes 2

There's just no reasoning with some people.

When she questioned the people she hangs out with.

phoebe friends quotes 3

We say the same thing every time someone in our squad does something embarrassing.

When she refused to do something simply because she didn't want to.

phoebe friends quotes 4

We usually try to come up with a better excuse.

When she tried to guilt trip her friends into buying her something.

phoebe friends quotes 5

Don't tell us you've never pulled the, "I'd love to go to dinner with you, but I don't have the money right now."

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When she forgot why she was holding a grudge.

phoebe friends quotes 1

We may not actually admit it out loud, but we've all been there.

When she took full advantage of dating.

phoebe friends quotes 6

Sure we may have to suffer through a semi-awkward conversation, but there's no way we could afford to order at that restaurant.

When she knew that she shouldn't be underestimated.

phoebe friends quotes 7

We're just over here building our empire, nbd.

When she spoke the exact words on every woman's mind.

phoebe friends quotes 8

Literally us, all the time.

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