It’s ok to admit that you have a love affair with emojis. They’re cute, they’re decorative, they say what’s in your heart just by using hearts (of all different colors), and sometimes a stream of symbols gets the job done quicker, right?

Since your favorite singers are addicted to those little graphics too, it only makes sense that they start writing songs in emojis.

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Ok, maybe not. But for your entertainment, we decided to pick out a few of your fave tracks and transcribe them using digital hieroglyphics to see if you can translate.

Why? Well, this could be a smart life skill next time you want to request a song and the DJ cannot hear you. Or it could help out if you send a Snap and want to share what’s playing in the background in case someone watches with the sound off. BOOM! You can create a pretty little emoji song title.

We guess you could type it out with letters like back in the olden days, but what’s the fun in that?

If you want to test out how well you can understand the symbols, check out the pics below and see if you can guess what hit single each series of emojis spells out.

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