With talks of a possible Wizards of Waverly Place movie possibly happening one day, and a That's So Raven spin off-series actually set to air, fans can't help but wonder what classic show might be revamped next. Well for Good Luck Charlie fans, you might just be in luck because one of the stars of the beloved Disney Channel series is speaking out and letting the world know she's totally down for the Duncans to come back in action.

Leigh-Allyn Baker, who played Amy, the matriarch of the Duncan fam, took to Instagram to share a throwback photo of the cast that she happens to have in a lovely, silver inscribed frame, writing in the caption that she would love to try out a new and improved version of the show on a streaming network, like Netflix.

"I kind of need to laugh given the stress of the world these days. How cool would it be to revamp the Duncans on a channel like @netflix ? If Full House can get fuller, why couldn't Good Luck Charlie get some more good luck?," she wrote.

good luck charlie netflix

Leigh-Allyn does bring up some solid points, since Fuller House is a Netflix original that is the sequel series to the classic show, Full House. Although the network did pass on picking up Girl Meets World — which was recently cancelled by Disney Channel much to fans' dismay — but who knows, there totally is a chance they might want to take on GLC. There are tons of stories to be told anyway: what happened during Teddy's life at Yale? How's PJ and Bob's food truck? What's Gabe up to now? Is Charlie making video diaries for their youngest brother, Toby? There are endless possibilities! We'll just have to hope, wait and see if the Duncan family's stories will go on.

What do you think about this potential new show? Tell us if you would like to see it come true in the comments section below!

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