Louis Tomlinson is officially off the market – again.

There have been rumors circulating that the One Direction singer has been talking to his ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder ever since he split from Danielle Campbell. Fans had no idea if the rumors were true or not considering these two haven’t been seen together in years. They dated for three years before Louis became a daddy. However, it seems like they kept in touch and are now officially back together!


The love story is super cute especially since they basically grew up together. This just goes to show that they really did have a strong connection. But, how do we know it’s true? It all started over the weekend when Louis and Eleanor were spotted at LAX.

Louis got into an altercation with a paparazzi who was trying to take photos of them together. But then, the situation turned really ugly. Eleanor was getting attacked by two other girls which led Louis to strike one of them. This whole thing resulted in his arrest.

There’s a video of the incident where Louis can be heard saying, “Excuse me what is happening here? What the hell is happening? Can we have some help? That’s my girlfriend.”

There you have it! Not only that but Louis’ lawyer released a statement that referred to Eleanor as his girlfriend as well. As devastating as this situation must have been for all parties involved, there is one positive side to it. And that is the fact that Louis had a girl by his side that he has loved for a very long time. He may have been arrested, but he acted the way he did to protect Eleanor. Obviously, this is, even more, evidence that they are dating again.

Only time will tell if this relationship is the real deal. Both Louis and Eleanor have been keeping the rekindled romance on the down low, for good reason. He just got out of a long-term relationship and is super busy with his solo music and Freddie Tomlinson. But, there’s always time for love.

Here’s to hoping they make an official statement about what’s really going on between them. To be honest, a cute Instagram photo would be perfect!

Are you happy Eleanor and Louis are back together? Let us know in the comments below!

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