Brittany Snow fans can expect to see a ton more of her this year. Brit's horror flick The Vicious Kind is out now, and she just finished shooting Black Water Transit, which is set to hit theaters later this year. As if her schedule isn't busy enough, she just started filming another movie, Clock Tower — talk about a crazy schedule! In between the craziness, Brit caught up with J-14 to give us the scoop on her movie Prom Night (out on DVD now) and what it was like working with Zac Efron.

J-14: Are there any special features on the Prom Night DVD that fans didn't get to see in theaters?

Brittany Snow: Throughout the entire movie the director, Nelson McCormack, Jonathon Sheck and myself did commentary to talk about the funny things that happened on set. There's also a gag reel, which is really funny.

J-14: What did you guys do for fun?

Brittany Snow: We made up dances and songs, and we had a handshake! We also had game nights after work, so we definitely bonded a lot. We played practical jokes on the crew by doing a take where we all had different accents, and the crew hated it. They didn't think it was funny at all, so we ended up being really embarrassed.

J-14: What was it like to work with Zac Efron in Hairspray?

Brittany Snow: Zac is one of the most genuine, sweet people that I've met, and he deserves every good thing that comes to him. He really is just a normal, sweet, charismatic guy, and he's very special. He's so busy, and he's all over the place, so when we do hang out, it's him dodging the paparazzi and stuff like that. I don't understand how he does it.

J-14: I know that you were good friends with Amanda Bynes and Sophia Bush. You girls have crazy schedules. How do you keep up the friendships?

Brittany Snow: We make it work. We catch up every once in awhile, and whenever we see each other it's really great. It's great to have girlfriends you can go weeks without talking to and know the next time you talk to them, it's going to be totally normal and back to the way it always is. That's where you know you're really good friends.

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