J-14 sat down with Destinee, Paris and newcomer Sara, from The Clique Girlz. The threesome spilled about what it was like touring with the Jonas Brothers, their new album and more!

J-14: Sara, how did you find out you made it into the Clique Girlz?

Sara: After the audition we had callbacks and from there they narrowed it down to the top three and then I found out! I started crying!

J-14: What was it about Sarah that made you guys feel like she could fit best into the group?

Paris: When Sara walked in and sang for us, we were like, "Wow!" We had notebooks and there were so many girls, but Sara was the only one on my list for the entire audition, which was pretty funny. All of the other judges fell in love with her. It was meant to be.

J-14: What's the most fun thing you guys did to bond?

Destinee: We've been going out to dinner and hanging out a lot.

Paris: We've been in rehearsals non-stop, so we're had a lot of time together. When we take breaks we go on the computer and play outside. I couldn't even imagine it being better than this.

J-14: There was some controversy when you guys decided to replace the last member. How did you handle that?

Paris: We actually found out on YouTube. We were expecting it, but we weren't going to let it bring us down. We just wanted to move forward and keep this going. We found Sarah and everything is so positive and great.

J-14: Can you tell us about some of the new stuff you're recording?

Sara: We're recording a lot of new stuff. We're also going to be taking some of the old stuff and recreating it. I'm really excited about everything!

J-14: Is the new music any different than what we know from you guys?

Paris: It's going to be better and the fans are going to be really excited to hear what we have coming out. We can't even believe the songs we got. It's just amazing.

Sara: The songs still have that pop-rocky feel, but they also have a dance vibe.

J-14: What made you title the album Incredible?

Paris: I think it was the best song on the album — it really showcases our vocals. The song has a lot of different meanings. We're only this age and we have an album in Japan! It's just incredible. It's the perfect name.

J-14: Sara, is there someone you're looking forward to meeting that Destinee and Paris have already met?

Sara: The Jonas Brothers! That's all I talk about! They're probably so annoyed with me. Also Lady GaGa because they say such great things about her.

Paris: She's like a big sister to us. She's so cool to be around and has a really great, positive vibe.

J-14: How do you feel like the Jonas Brothers have grown since they started?

Destinee: Since the beginning, they have gotten so much better. They're amazing. To see the way that people react to them is insane. People cry, it's crazy!

Paris: Actually they were originally the Brothers of Jonas. Fun fact!

J-14: What do remember about them from back then that made them stand out?

Destinee: Nick was so short. He was 13 and he had curly hair and he was like, "Hi!" His voice was so high. It's funny to see how much they've grown. All of them were totally different. It's really weird!

J-14: Do you guys still keep in touch with them?

Paris: They're so busy with all of their insane things going on right now and we've been pretty busy ourselves, so we haven't really had time to go out on the scene. We're really excited for the Kids' Choice Awards because we'll probably see them there.

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