Looking for a future love? You've come to the right place! Varsity Fanclub's Thomas Fiss, Jayk Purdy, Drew Ryan Scott, Bobby Edner and David Lei Brandt stopped by the J-14 office to explain why you should love them and how they're no average boy band.

J-14: Where did the name Varsity Fanclub come from?
Drew: We just needed to figure out a name, so we all sat around at a table and threw around ideas. Varsity sounded really cool, and then we added Fanclub because we wanted to be more connected to the fans.

J-14: The band was formed from a nationwide search. How have you bonded since that experience?
Thomas: Well, we actually live together, so if that doesn't do it, I don't know what will!
David: When we had the first audition, there was a time span because they were still traveling doing auditions. Jayk, Drew and I had met the first day. We all kept in contact, and then when we met up for the final callback, Thomas and Bobby were there. We all seriously clicked that day, and we all just happened to make it. Going into it was pretty cool because we all had at least an established relationship.

J-14: What is it like having five guys in one house?
Thomas: Loud.

J-14: Who's the cleanest?
All: Jayk!
Jayk: I have an OCD thing going on.
David: Jayk also has a bulldog, Winston, so he's cleaning up after him a lot.
Thomas: That dog slobbers, but I love him.

J-14: Who takes the longest to get ready?
All: Drew!
Drew: I'll rearrange the room after I get ready. I don't know! I was the last one out yesterday.

J-14: Which songs means the most to you?
Jayk: I really like a song called "Bad Habit." It's so hard to pick because it changes constantly. It just depends on what mood I'm in.
Drew: There are so many different genres all put into one, and there are so many different types of songs on there, so I think everybody can connect with something that's on the album.

J-14: You have a song called "Complicated Girl." Who was it written about?
Drew: Actually, I think it should be called Complicated Guy. We're all pretty complex! I think I was talking to someone at the time, and I was the complicated one!

J-14: How do you feel about comparisons to 'NSync and Backstreet Boys?
David: Those groups–in their time–were amazing, so to be compared to them is actually pretty cool. Really, it's an honor and flattering.

J-14: How much training goes into all of this?
David: We've been in serious boy-band boot camp for two years. Dance rehearsals from 10 to 10, recording for the past year. Our days for the past year have been completely jam-packed, whether it's working out, dancing, singing, photo shoots…
Jayk: It takes a lot. Honestly, my perception of boy bands before I came into one was, 'Oh, wow, it's a cake walk! Just stand there and be pretty.' But it is ridiculous! It is a lot of work, and you have to be extremely dedicated and be focused and you really have to know what you want.

J-14: What's the coolest thing about your fans?
Thomas: We haven't gotten too many outrageous gifts, but the coolest thing were these little teddy bears that a girl made for us. They were custom made to fit our personalities! Mine had a little surfboard.
Drew: Mine was green.
Jayk: Mine had a trucker hat on.
David: Mine had a glove and a fedora.
Bobby: [Mine] had a basketball.

J-14 was the only magazine at their first-ever arena show. You can check out all the deets on our MySpace page. Their debut album drops January 13.

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