You know her as the spunky dancer Rocky on Shake It Up. Star Zendaya talked to J-14 about what it was like auditioning for Shake It Up, the show's fashion, and working with Selena Gomez!

Q: What was the audition for Shake It Up like?
The really cool part about my audition process was I originally came in for CeCe, and they asked me to read for Rocky. And I really felt Rocky. I had a connection with her character. And when I went with Bella it was like instant chemistry. So I guess it worked out for the best.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your character?
I think just her genuine love and appreciation for people. She is so nice and so sweet. And she is kind of like the goody too shoes. I think that that's what I love about her. She loves to help people — she loves to do charity work and stuff like that. But I also love that she still gets in trouble, you know. She's just a regular girl, and I kind of want to be friends with her.

Q: The show has such cool clothes. Is Rocky's style anything like your own?
Well Rocky on the show, she is a girly girl. And she loves floral prints and pink and frilly stuff. But me, I like a bit of that. But I like a little more edge to it. I like to take her style — she has such an edge that it's ridiculous. But I like to go a different way with it. And I like to add a little more of a tomboy flare to it. And I wear more pants. She wears more skirts. But I think I do have a little flavor of Rocky in my personal wardrobe.

Q: You did a Sears commercial with Selena Gomez. Now that you're part of the Disney Channel family, have you had a chance to run into her yet?
Actually I haven't. But when I worked with her on Sears, she was really sweet to me and really nice. And she was really helpful. So not yet. I haven't seen her since I have been on an actual Disney Channel show. But hopefully I will and hopefully she'll remember me.

Q: What's a little-known fact about your costar Bella Thorne?
She loves shoes. Like she'll like wear a different pair of shoes every day. She's a shoe fanatic. And I love that about her. She's such a little fashionista. She comes in with different clothes every day. And these amazing little outfits that she wears.

Photo: Craig Sjodin/Disney Channel

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