Rydel Lynch and Ellington Ratliff officially confirmed that they're dating! The R5 members revealed the news in their documentary R5: All Day, All Night and couldn't stop gushing about each other.

"Pretty much I just remember always liking Ellington. Like from day one, he's just like the cutest thing in the world," Rydel spilled.

"I don't remember our exact first meeting. I know it was at the range. I don't remember ever actually saying like, 'Hi, I'm Rydel. Nice to meet you.' It was just one of those things… He was there, I was there. And then we would just like innocently flirt back and forth. He flirted with everybody. He has the most flirtatious personality ever. I was like, 'I'm just another one of those girls he flirts with.'"

When Rydel and Ellington first started dating, they kept it a secret from everyone else in the band. But Ross Lynch totally started getting suspicious.

"We were on a trip somewhere and Ross was like, 'Something's going on with them!' and I was like 'What are you talking about?'" Riker said. "Ross was like 'No seriously, something's going on!' And he kept telling me, and I was like 'No dude, they're normal. They're acting completely normal. What are you talking about?' And he's like 'No they're like sitting next to to each other all the time and like something's going on.'"

Eventually, the couple decided to let their bandmates figure it out for themselves.

"It was only a matter of time before everyone found out. We were in Los Angeles and we had a week off so we went down to the beach. I didn't really want anyone to know yet, we were trying to keep it on the [down low]. I think we were sitting around a fire…" Ellington said.

"They were holding hands and I literally leaned over to Ross or Rocky or someone and was like 'Look at them trying to mess with us' And they were totally real!" Riker recalls.

Apparently Ross started totally "freaking out" and ran around the beach screaming.

"I literally like took off down the beach and was like 'WHAAAT?!'" Ross said.

"When everyone found out they were like 'Oh My God!' and they all tackled me. They had to beat me up just for a little bit," Ellington added.

Now, the couple is happier than ever and totally ready to talk about their relationship.

"I've been able to see the world with someone who's really special to me. It's just made the whole experience even better than I could ever imagine it being. It's the best situation you could ask for," Ellington said.

All together now, aww!

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