It’s hard to believe that the last Twilight Saga movie, Breaking Dawn — Part 2, was released back in 2012, six whole years ago. A true highlight of the movie — especially for those who were fans of the book series and tbh, who wasn’t? — was seeing the character of Renesmee Cullen brought to life. Bella and Edward’s half human, half vampire daughter who ages rather rapidly and ends up getting imprinted on by Bella’s werewolf BFF Jacob? Yeah, she’s already a legend. And it was the young actress Mackenzie Foy who brought her to life.

renesmee cullen
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She really did look like she could be Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson‘s child, it was pretty wild! The last time she was in the spotlight when this movie was released, Mackenzie was just 11 years old and as adorable as ever.

mackenzie foy taylor lautner 2012

Now, she’s 17 years old and totally slaying the game. Proof:

mackenzie foy now

Seriously, how glam is she? What’s even more exciting is she has a major role in the upcoming Disney epic, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. If you watched the new trailer for the movie and kept wondering why the actress playing Clara looked so familiar, well, that’s because it’s Mackenzie!

The movie is set to hit theaters later this year on November 2, so you still have plenty of time before you see her back in action on the big screen. Since her Twilight days though, Mackenzie has been busy, snagging roles in movies like Interstellar and The Conjuring and lending her voice to Netflix’s The Little Prince. But we have a feeling The Nutcracker is going to be a big moment for her. 

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