Edward Cullen may have been able to save Bella Swan from a car accident — but Twilight star Rob Pattinson is definitely not immune to them in real life.

Reports just surfaced that Rob was "clipped" by a taxi cab just a few hours ago (around noon ET) in front of Strand Bookstore in New York City.

Rob was inside a building working on his next film, Remember Me. Fans have been engulfing him on the streets ever since he started working on location in NYC — and today was no different. Rob was walking to his trailer, with five security guards protecting him.

But the fan frenzy got out of hand, and Rob rushed across the street… just as a cab was driving by. The driver stepped on his brakes as soon as he realized what was happening. Rob was grazed at the hip… and looked shocked. A bodyguard shouted out to the crowd, "You see what you did, you almost killed him!"

Don't fear… Rob is okay. But the fan craze is definitely getting out of hand with blogs posting and spreading his every move in real time online, especially through Twitter… please be careful and keep our Robby P. safe! (And sign our Protect Rob Pattinson petition!)

What do you think of fans stalking and spreading Rob's whereabouts in real time? Has the situation gotten out of hand? What should fans do instead?

UPDATE: 6/18 4:07 p.m.: Summit Entertainment (the studio behind Twilight and Remember Me) released an official statement: "Robert Pattinson is fine. The reports are exaggerated, and the accident was not caused by fans. Production continues."

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Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

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