We're used to seeing the occasional celeb have their social media accounts hacked, but we were legit SHOOK when we saw what one cyber bully did when they took over the accounts of 13 Reasons Why stars Ross Butler and Justin Prentice.

Instead of posting a silly status or funny pic for the LOLs, this particular hacker went HAM, posting a pretty rude comment from Ross (who plays Zachary)’s account on The Weeknd’s ‘gram, basically accusing 13 Reasons Why producer Selena Gomez of cheating on the singer on set, writing,

“Yo. Hold on to ya girl. She was gettin a little fresh on set”

ross butler comment

They didn’t stop there, however, with what people believe to be the same person posting a comment from Justin Prentice (who plays Bryce) on Sel’s page, saying,

“So glad you produce our show #thosewhocantactproduce #knowyourplacebooboo”

producer comment

Luckily, the boys confirmed our suspicions and took to Twitter to say that the lewd posts were 100% not by them, assuring us that they love the 13 Reasons Why fam.

Some people just have waaaaay too much time on their hands!

This post was written by Jessica Lynch and originally appeared on our sister site, Dolly.

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