Ross Lynch sings about all sorts of things in R5, but you'll still probably be shocked to hear the subject of his first song! While talking to us about his upcoming animated movie, Snowtime!, the singer EXCLUSIVELY revealed that he didn't write about romance or crushes — instead, he penned his first track about the police.

"I think that the first song that I wrote, I was going through this weird thing. I was kind of scared of cops for like a day or two because I was like, man, what if I don’t do anything wrong, but they arrest me anyway and then something happens and I go to jail?" he told us.

"I had a weird day and was thinking about that. I wrote a song about corruption in the government, it was really weird."

Never heard that one before! It's just further proof that Ross is an extremely creative, unique human.

Are you surprised that Ross' first song was about the police? Let us know in the comments!

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