Ross Lynch became a household name when he played the lovable Austin Moon on Disney Channel's Austin & Ally and as you can imagine, everyone wanted to see the characters of Austin and Ally end up together on the show. Well in the series finale, we got to see that the two did indeed get married and have two precious children. IRL though, Ross and his co-star Laura Marano's relationship was much different. They're simply just friends and there's someone else who he has been happily dating for quite some time now: Courtney Eaton.

The stunning model and actress stole Ross' heart a few years back and while they kept things super low-key ever since Ross shared that first kissing pic of the pair on his Instagram back in 2015, they've been anything but shy when it comes to publicly showing off their love. Their IG feeds are filled with so many cute pics and they've even walked the red carpet a few times togehter. There isn't any doubt that Ross and Courtney are 100% in love, but it seems like some fans still don't want to accept this to be true. Well, Ross is here to let everyone know he simply doesn't care if you support Routney because he does and that's all that counts.

A fan took to Twitter to point out to the R5 lead singer that someone on Instagram took it upon herself to report all of Ross' pics he's ever posted with his GF so she "doesn't have to see them ever again," and included "#rauraisreal" and "#raura" in the post too. This fan who brought it to Ross' attention wanted Ross or Laura to once again clear up any rumors that they are actually a couple and she even apologized to Ross that things like this happen to him. He replied, taking it all in stride, letting the world know that the haters won't ever be an issue for him and Courtney.

"There are somethings in this world that are just not worth worrying about. Courtney knows how much she means to me and thats that," he wrote back.

OK, can we just take a moment to appreciate how Ross is all about standing up for his girl but doesn't even bother to engage with pettiness? Goals right there. But if you think about it, it's definitely not easy to go on Instagram or Twitter and be flooded with untrue comments about your relationship. Courtney has even opened up about the struggles before too, taking to her Tumblr to share a message to everyone about being kind on social media and why sending her hateful messages is simply unnecessary.

ross and courtney

"To those it applies to. If you send me hate, messages that are negative and lacking in positivity or anything that is not useful to both myself or you, I will ignore it," she wrote. "Let’s make use of our lives and fill it with love and appreciation for others. Let’s not judge others lives or let it consume our thoughts. It is unhealthy and unproductive. Telling someone how you think they should live their life is no benefit to you nor the person you are sending negativity to."

"So what’s the point? Sending someone a negative message or forcing your opinion on others in a non constructive way, is absolutely in no way productive. Ask yourself, when has that ever worked for you or anyone in this life. When has a positive outcome ever worked from this? What does it do for you? Nothing, absolutely nothing and if it makes you feel better, it’s only filling you with false hope, and I wish you luck and hope you find something more substantial to thrive off on your journey," she continued. "If we all spent time on ourselves and building our own lives with positivity and love and thoughts for yourself and others this world would be on a different path. So let’s all step up and be those people that make changes in the world. For yourself and others. I want you to think of that deeply, no matter how old you are. What do you want to be remembered for? Go spread that light!"

So if Court and Ross can choose to rise about and stay positive, we should all too. Just a thought.

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