Did Ryan McCartan really just admit that he is still in love with Dove Cameron? He sure did – and on the night before Valentines Day, no less.

It all started last night when the Liv and Maddie star took to Instagram to let fans know that his new song "Everything" – which is available now – would be coming out at midnight.

"I have a single coming out tomorrow! It's called "Everything," and the link is in my bio – and you should preorder it so you can get it the minute it comes out," the very happy looking actor shared with his followers.

In the midst of fans' comments about their excitement for Ryan's new music, one fan brought up the subject of his ex-fiancé. "U should luv Dove," the fan wrote. "Still shipping."

ryan mccartan comment

Ryan responded to the comment with confirmation that he does, in fact, still love Dove. "I do, sweetheart. Sometimes things just aren't meant to be," Ryan said.

ryan mccartan comment

Can you believe it? Nobody saw that coming. Even though Ryan did mention in his break-up confirmation on Twitter that it was Dove's decision, a lot of time has passed since the official split. But after listening to the lyrics of his new song "Everything," we can totally see how it could be about having hope they'll get back together. After all, there was tons of speculation around his first solo single "When You Went Away", as it seemed to be inspired by the end of their engagement. Now, the lyrics to "Everything" are making us think that this one's about Dove too.

"Baby I, I never told you What you meant to me Baby I, I never had to Because you'd still ride with me We could ride together again"

However, Dove does not have the same mindset. Besides the fact that things with her and Descendants 2 co-star Thomas Doherty are getting hot and heavy, she also just recently made a sad confession about her past relationship with Ryan. According to the Disney darling, Ryan was "terrible" to her and she's much happier without him in her life. Although it seemed like they could've still been friends before, it definitely doesn't seem like they're chummy anymore. We think it's safe to say these two were not on the same page when they broke things off.

Are you surprised Ryan admitted to still loving Dove? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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