Ryan Tedder has worked with some of the best in the industry and now he's spilling all the details about Selena Gomez's new music, Camila Cabello's solo stardom, and Liam Payne's album that is sure to rock the One Direction world.

So, what's going on with our girl Sel? Apparently, her new music is so incredible that it's going to be extremely difficult to pick out which songs should be her singles. Well, that's not a bad thing…right?! Ryan chatted with Newsweek and has got music fans anxiously waiting at the edge of their seats for the new jams to hit the airwaves.

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Talking about the "Hands to Myself" singer, Ryan said, "What I’ll say is what I told her yesterday. I just said, 'I don’t envy the person who has to pick the singles.' I’m not saying that to gas up her album. I’ve heard song after song that could be a single.

The thing that I discovered with her is she is the opposite of pretentious. No ego. She’s genuine and authentic… She knows what her sound is, she knows what’s honest and she’s sticking to that. I expect really big things for her with this album."

As if we didn't know that already! Jokes aside, he also dished on Camila's music and literally could not stop complimenting her. Ryan revealed, "I’ve heard three records including the two I’ve done. She walked in and played me [three tracks] and said, 'Here are just three things I have.' I was so intimidated. She was so good. She’s not only an incredible singer, but she’s also the most talented young artist I think I’ve worked with in songwriting in the longest time."

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Wow! So, now that Ryan has given fans the full details about Selena and Camila, Directioners need to know what's really going on with Liam. Is he going in a different direction than the sounds of 1D? Will he collaborate with anyone? When can we hear this new music?

Ryan said, "I’ve already done a song with Liam [Payne] and I’m actually recording the second song with him next week. His stuff is spectacular…I’ve heard about three records. I know what the first single is and there’s a lot of fame attached to the first single, I’ll say that."

He continued, "So Liam is pop, and doing it in a fantastic fashion. He has a killer voice. There are elements of stuff I like from Usher, there’s stuff that’s edgy like The Weeknd…it’s all over the map—it’s pop. It’s really high quality. I’ve only done one song with him that I did with Stargate. I’m cutting another song with him next week. The other one that [Zancanella] did with J Kash, it’s my favorite record I’ve heard. If it’s not a hit I need to clear my ears out—it’s so good."

Okay, NOW, we're excited.

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