Sabrina Carpenter and Bradley Steven Perry never officially confirmed their split — they were always a very private couple — but it's official now. And guess what? There's already a breakup song. The Girl Meets World actress is teasing her new single, "Smoke and Fire," and Instagram's official Music account posted a clip of it. (Side note: It sounds amazing.)

The caption says that the track is about a "breakup with a boyfriend," which "turned into the song."

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A sneak peek at @sabrinacarpenter’s new single “Smoke and Fire.” After her first record, “Eyes Wide Open,” dropped in 2015, the “Girl Meets World” star found herself back in the studio with an excess of new experiences to share. The first one, about a breakup with a boyfriend, turned into the song posted here. “I hadn’t written for, I want to say, eight months since the first album released, and I just had a lot of stories building up,” says Sabrina, before adding that she comes up with a lot of her music ideas on the fly. “I kind of write wherever I go. So even when I’m not in a professional session, I’m always writing down things in my phone and in my notes on stuff that inspired me and stuff that I see in everyday life.” Video by @sabrinacarpenter

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"Don't you know that if there's smoke, there's fire," she croons on her keyboard.

Um, her new album sounds way personal! Basically, she's saying that she could see hints that there were problems in their relationship before they actually split up. Yikes!

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